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 The Other Role Plays Rules

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PostSubject: The Other Role Plays Rules   Sun Nov 16, 2008 4:00 am

These are the few rules for role-playing.

1.) No Godmodding. (E.g: Yang crunched down on Echo and killed him.)
2.) No Spamming (Stupid Pointless Messages)
3.) No Eggspam (Asking your eggs to be clicked)
4.) No Mega short posts (E.g: Yang sighed.) However, If you have to go in a hurry, then "G2G, bye" is ok.
5.) All OCC chat is to be in brackets (( and ))
6.) Roleplays must be accepted by a mod before the roleplay may begin.
7.) No Double Posting. We have the edit button.
8.) You will have fun! Twisted Evil You will Twisted Evil
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The Other Role Plays Rules
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