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Owner of Draconis

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PostSubject: Pinned: Rules   Pinned: Rules Icon_minitimeThu Sep 11, 2008 10:55 am

Ok so this is that little page for help! You read this and your problems will vanish! Well I hope This is NOT the FAQ so please read the FAQ before asking questions, I want to make this Forum Easy, Exciting and Fun!
So the following rules apply to EVERYONE,
1. No flaming, Spamming etc
2. No swearing please! I may let some words go but others I will not.
3. I don't ask for passwords or neither do my moderators! If anyone does (Including moderators) Then report them!
4. I don't mind double posting! BUT NO POSTING MORE THAN 3 TIMES IN A ROW.
5. I do care about Getting Moderators so do drop me a PM and ill get back to you!
6. I DONT want to hear anyone chatting anyone up! Or Posting Unappropriate words, phrases and Pictures!
7. This is not a site For you to advertise you own on a forum! I don't mind it in signatures or on profiles but no making a topic just to advertise!
8. This website will do all sorts also Help People and there eggs on Dragcave. I don't want to Keep deleting posts.
9. Read the FAQ that will be posted when i have time!
10. Ok now personal buisness. I am a 14 year old High school girl, So i can't do everything quickly! It takes time, I edit when i can.
11> Finally, You must have fun or ELSE! Twisted Evil Evil or Very Mad ^^ Razz
12>> Duble finally You must respect any member of staff especially Me and D4L!

Well thats my rules! I hope you follow them and Play safe! Listen to me and my Moderators and we will all get along!

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