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 ~Roleplaying Rules!

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PostSubject: ~Roleplaying Rules!   ~Roleplaying Rules! Icon_minitimeSun Oct 05, 2008 4:15 pm

1. There's never to be any God-modding or Power-playing.
2. All ooc chat is to be in brackets. You know. These things: (( )) or [[ ]]
3. Roleplays must be accepted by a mod before the roleplay may begin, yet users are able to join roleplays
4. No Double Posting please!
5. If your RP is denied for any reason you may ask why and try to fix it, but do not complain, or ignore us and start RPing. Then there'll be all hell to pay.
6.) Do not make posts that are mega short, E.G: Ecko sat down and said "I'm bored."
7.) No Eggspam (Asking for your eggs to be clicked) It will not be tolerated.

8.) If you Do something wrong on the Roleplays then i will warn you, If it was a mistake then i may not warn you, but if you continue then Bye, bye!
~Mods: Feel free to edit these as needed.
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~Roleplaying Rules!
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