Come and roleplay Dragons etc
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 The Eyrie Chatplay Board.

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PostSubject: The Eyrie Chatplay Board.   Fri Dec 05, 2008 8:47 am

Yeh.. Uh... This is not really a "Roleplay" board, but I thought: Let's give it a try. x3

-Pokes her Neopets-

I'll be using the following Neopets in this chatplay:
- Rodarik the Tyrannian Eyrie, aka Roda.
- Viadore the Pink Eyrie, aka Dori.
- Settanta the Darigan Eyrie, aka Seth.
- Tianies the Spotted Eyrie, aka Tia. Tia and Dori have a relationship, no touchy!
- Eyreial the Electric Eyrie, aka Rei.
- Dashelina the Christmas Eyrie, aka Dash.

All the above Eyries are female. Roda's acting like a boy lately, though.
Don't worry, I won't be throwing in ALL my Eyries, just if I mention a name, it'll be one of the above. ^__^

Don't ask to join, just join. You MUST have an Eyrie though.

-Stretches- I wonder why Pilla isn't going on Neopets anymore, lately. I'm afraid shi grew tired of us. D:

Nah, silly. -Pets Roda- I'm just a tad busy with exams and, uh, requests. x3

-Tilts head- ...Requests?

Nevermind. .__. Vly, what are you searching for?

-Blushing, as she just got caught searching for Kunvien- Uh.. Nothing.. I... I.. I was searching for a tree I could sit under.. -Blushes again and quickly sneaks under the first tree she sees, hiding from Pilla-



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Owner of Draconis

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PostSubject: Re: The Eyrie Chatplay Board.   Fri Dec 05, 2008 11:33 am

Aerial: -runs up to the others- What's up guys?

Glaciot: -sits in corner and sulks-


Some amazing people are around you, some amazing people have yet to meet you, but most importantly i am here with you XD
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The Eyrie Chatplay Board.
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