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 Ravensent's Graphix Shop

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PostSubject: Ravensent's Graphix Shop   Ravensent's Graphix Shop Icon_minitimeSun Nov 30, 2008 3:57 pm

Right. As some of you know I tend to make graphics here and there. I made this layout for you guys too. :3
Now I'm extending my graphic-making out to you guys. Please, the more requests I have the longer it takes me to do things. And none of my dragons ever look the same twice. So I can't perfectly duplicate a dragon I drew a few months ago. Sorry.

Please fill out the following:
Dragon's name:
Picture of your dragon: (optional)
Dragon breed:
Scale color:
Wing membrane color:
Eye color:
Talon color:
Additional markings:
Anything else I need to know:

I take three requests at a time.
* Dragons4life
* Lila

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Ravensent's Graphix Shop
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