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The Waking
She skidded into Lesson, late. Her teacher shouted “Isis, You’re late… Again!” Isis slunk into her chair and started to copy the Algebra examples from the board. Tom behind her Pushed a note into the hole in her chair, The Big bully (Who couldn’t spell) had written ‘late agen! Hope your not late to your beatin… 11.00Am’ She turned around and swore at him under her breath, when he didn’t reply but flushed pink she smiled to herself and ripped the note up.
Maths was a breeze has normal and English amused her Writing side, however the lessons ended quickly and it was 11.00am (Break or Bunch so known by teachers). Isis walked into the hall; she decided to have a famous sausage sandwich. When she walked away from the canteen everyone was quiet and watching her.(Even teachers) were quiet, a large shadow loomed over Isis, she turned to see the unusually large Tom and (The mini version of him) Jack.
Isis glared at them, pointing her daggers for eyes at Tom mostly, the teachers walked slightly closer encase a fight broke out. Isis laughed to herself and gripped her Sandwich tightly then threw it full force at Tom, then she kicked Jack hard in the leg and watched them curl over on the floor then she ran.
She had always been a fast runner and determined to win when she knew she could, even when she thought she couldn’t. Yanking the school gates open she legged it out, Teachers shouted her back and the bullies Hard on her trail.
This of course was not unusual, Tom had always had it in for her, this was because of her unusual looks and things that he said she had done. The problem was, her looks would never change from her gothic look, Dark brown hair (So dark That dying it black wouldn’t make a difference), Peachy skin which she would wear white makeup over, Charms hanging from her neck (They were there for a reason she thought), Red lipstick on her otherwise pink lips, Red, dark purple or Black (Maybe white) eye shadow and Brown eyes.
The other problem was the unusual things that happened around her, some say she caused them; others say a great power was among them. Tom believed she was a freak, however sometimes she would mysteriously disappear and no one would know why or how she appears on the doorstep. The bullies were unsure of her anyway, maybe scared, whatever it was they believed she deserved beating.
She should have thought about running away and causing a scene in the lunch hall, but she definatly didn’t want more trouble. That Hi-tech computer would be hers, the internet would be hers. Her mum had promised that if she was good (Meaning not misbehaving or starting/getting into fights) she could have the computer.
“Well that’s out of the picture” she mumbled to herself has she ran, and then thought to herself miserably
“Where am I to go?” Looking up to see that she wasn’t about to slam into anything she could hear that Tom and Jack were still Miles behind. Then something shook her, a deep voice in her head
“Come to me… I will show you…”

David yawned; it was school time, not your ordinary school! A school of magick, where you would find out if you were wizard, witch and more, But David knew he was nothing that the school talked about, he was more. He got up groggily and pulled on his shirt then slumped into his trousers. After he had washed and eaten he walked tiredly outside, ignoring his mother’s calls, he set of to school.
A large white Creature landed beside David proudly, the creature raised its head to show deep red horns, claws of black, spikes of Red running down its back, a large spike of black at the end of its tail and extra large gleaming white canines.
The midnight red eyes looked into David’s blue eyes, and the boy smiled at the Monster.
“Amauris” He said in acknowledgement, the female dragon replied, her voice like a soft melody of church bells that wrung through his head.
“Hello David, Are you well this morning?” He flinched, still not used to the voice in his head. He mumbled
“Fine… Why am I still not used to your voice?” She laughed, a sound that moved through his head softly, and said
“Dear David, such things take time, for now school of magicks awaits!” David nodded and climbed up her offered hind leg. Amauris broke into a run and jumped, unfurling her beautiful wings she started to climb.
David asked “What is it your horns are made from?” Amauris huffed obviously annoyed by the amateur question but replied
“Ruby! Landing time!” There was a gulp from David as he gripped a large neck spike on Amauris.
David wobbled into school for riding Amauris hurt his bottom half, mumbling something about a saddle he pushed the doors open into class. He sat down by his best mate William. Bill was a large lad who had spiky blonde hair, His face was rounded like a china doll, he was stronger than many boys David knew, there was a range of nicknames for Will but David knew him as Bill or Will.
David mumbled to him “Divination!” Bill nodded and smirked at the old teacher who stumbled in.

Isis jumped half a mile at the deep voice in her head “Who are you?” She shouted, the shout was turned to a whisper by the wind that was pulling and pushing her back. The voice continued
“I am Ra, your dragon, Destiny is at your door, come and live that fate that ties us!” Isis laughed, Tom had worked harder this time, she decided that she might has well play the part.
“Where are you?” She asked, the voice sounded amused
“The park, by the swings, no children are there!” Isis nodded and changed course, towards the park. Tom who was still chasing Isis mumbled
“Where are you going?” But followed eagerly. Jack caught up and watched Isis leap over the Gate, Isis looked behind her as Tom was struggling to climb over the Small gate even with Jacks help. She ran on and into the park, it was empty. Sighing she sat on the swings and waited, a sudden burst of wind knocked her over. She looked up and lost her Breath and Voice, hovering above her was a Giant purple dragon. When Isis had finally found her voice she screamed
“DRAGON!!” The boys looked up to see what Isis had truly been distressed about and wet themselves, they started to crawl away then got up and ran for their lives. Isis looked at them for ten seconds then back at the sky, the beast had gone. Isis sighed with relief; however her mind was full with questions
“What was that? Was I seeing things? If so what scared Tom?” She asked herself, an unexpected answer rang through her head
“That… was me! I am your dragon Ra!” Isis jumped and turned to be faced by a beast. Horns of Gold, body of purple, Glistening claws of silver and a large Gold tail spike, also a crest, similar to a crown, with gold patterns on it and large yellow wings, streaked with gold and silver. On his head were jewels has well.
“Join me, for your destiny awaits! Take my leg and rider with me!” Said the male dragon, extending his hind leg. Isis back away, but something inside her wanted to reach out… Reach out and touch the dragon, then rider him for the thing inside her believed the dragon and that he was gentle. She looked at Ra, if that was his name, she saw a Dar, deep pit in space. She knew this would be an adventure or the end of her she asked the dragon
“What do you want from me?” the dragon smiled and offered his hind leg again, Isis warily walked over and touched the hard, warm scales, she felt a push from in her head and climbed up with difficulty. When she had finally got up she settled between two spikes. Ra’s wings started to move and he hummed in her head
“Let us fly!” Isis gripped a spike as Ra shot into the sky. Questions again brimmed her mind
“Who is this dragon? Why me? What else should I know?” Ra’s mind poked into Isis’s thoughts
“I am Ra, prince of the dragon world. The ‘Why me’ Question can only be answered by I chose you for your Heart, Personality and Mind! More you will find out when we get you home!”

The old woman who was known has Ms. Doom started to say that everyone’s fate would be bad and that she would show them the art of Divination. David smiled and stuck up his hand to be a volunteer, Ms. Doom picked him and he walked up, smiling at Bill. The teacher told him to sit on a chair, then she took his hand and started to hum, then her eyes went black and she started to mumble then broke out in cries and shouted
“The Alone crier, who knows no fear, she Loses’ all who are near! She is searching for someone, a male; you David are her soul mate… Dragon riders who belong!” Then she fell on a heap on the floor and everyone looked at David and ran to the teacher’s aid, muttering something about Him. David got up scared; this so called soul mate he must never had met so he left the school and met up with Amauris.
“What did she mean?!” He asked her. Amauris thought this over and shivered
“I should have told you about this before, when I found you I knew about another dragon that was close to finding their Rider, he was a special dragon and his rider had lost a life she knows not! She will be told by her dragon about that same prophecy! We must find her!” David looked at Amauris and said
“Still so many things I don’t know! How will we find this Girl?” Amauris hummed and offered her leg; David climbed up and said “Let’s go!” Amauris then said
“One more thing you didn’t know. Time travel time!”
She glowed black and Shot into the sky, David was blinded and the next thing he knew he was flying over a lush green park. Amauris hummed happily
“I sense another Dragon!” David fidgeted excitedly and looked around unable to see Anything But Miles of Empty Park. He asked
“Where?” But Amauris either ignored him or hadn’t heard him. She hummed excitedly and looked around searching for a sight of the dragon.

Isis got off Ra and ran into her house shouting “MOM! Come here I met a dragon!” Her mom who was in the living room heard Isis and called weakly and sadly
“Come here Isis!” Isis walked into the living room and asked
“What’s wrong?” Her mom Simone, looked at her and croaked
“Sit down! I’m going to tell you a story!” Isis looked at her mom and sat down opposite her. Then her mom told her a story “This will seem a great shock! But I am not your mother, your mother was called Lena!” she stopped to see the effect of her ‘Daughters’ face then continued “Your mother was a queen of the Shape shifter realm, your father was a Elf and you are their blood!” Isis stared dumbstruck so Simone continued “They left you here because you were in danger; a creature was trying to kill your race. You are the last Shifter!” Isis shivered and listened on “Before your mother left she said that I should never tell you, for if you knew you may have tried to use your powers! Using the powers would alert the monster to your presence and try to kill you once more.” She stopped to clear her throat then carried on “She also left you your necklace so that you could always remember her.” Isis pulled out a golden necklace with charms on of a variety of animals and myths and started to fiddle with the woman one -It was a small thin figure that shone more than the others as it was silver-. “Now that you have a dragon I suppose you are leaving… Your mother warned me of this…” Her bright green eyes started to fill with tears “I love you Isis, even if you aren’t my blood!” Isis’s immediate reaction was to hug her mother, she said quietly
“No matter what, I love you; you will always be my mother!” She sobbed onto her mothers shoulder and they shared a moment of happiness, nothing would separate their bond. Then Ra hummed
“Come I sense a dragon, we must leave” He seemed to sense the mood and was quiet, then Isis said to her mom
“I must go mother… Goodbye!” Her mother nodded in understanding and said
“There will always be room in this house for you and your dragon!” Isis smiled; she hugged her mom once more and left. Outside she said to Ra
“You knew this but didn’t tell me… Why?” Ra jumped about impatiently and replied
“It was not my place to say! But this is something I should tell you!” He spat onto the floor to clear his throat and started to recite a prophecy “The male with the Whitest dragon, Who must leave loved one‘s behind, for his destiny awaits! He is searching for someone, a Female; you Isis are his soul mate… Dragon riders who belong!” Isis climbed up Ra’s leg and said
“Umm ok… Is that supposed to mean anything to me?” Ra huffed in annoyance and shot into the sky. Isis waited for an answer but when none came she looked on and saw a dark shape approaching. She shouted
“Ra, what’s that?” But it needed no answer as the Shape got closer to reveal a White dragon with a male rider.

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Owner of Draconis

Number of posts : 134
Age : 24
Location : Mars, The planet of mad... Don't mess wiv me dude
Job/hobbies : I have no job, my hobbies are; Dragons, Rp, drawing, doing your noodle in and being me.
Humor : I can't make you laugh by being funny... You laugh cause im wierd
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David jumped “Dragon!” He shouted, Amauris hummed happily
“It’s the dragon David, it is! I know it!” He asked her
“The dragon with my soul mate?” But Amauris was busy trying to contact the dragon. David waited patiently and then tried a better approach to his dragon, in his mind he asked her
“Who is it Amauris?” The dragon replied
“Ra and his dragon rider Isis! We are landing to speak with them!” David could sense her excitement and kept his own under wraps; he gripped the spike in front of him so hard his hand went white. Amauris literally bounced onto the ground below and almost threw David of; he was relieved to climb down and got his first proper look at the other dragon. The dragon was a grand creature who obviously had an air of importance around him. He remembered when Amauris hummed in his ear
“He is important, so is his rider!” He looked at the dragon and said
“Hello dragon, I am David and this is Amauris!” Then bowed. The girl on his back got down and approached, not sheepishly as he had expected but quite bravely, she said
“Hello David, I am Isis and this is Ra!” She smiled at them both but didn’t bow to Amauris, David was about to protest when Amauris hummed
“He is important, so is his rider!” David kept it shut, Looking again at the girl he thought of the prophecy and looked into her eyes, they were Dark brown and for a moment he was lost in them. Isis looked at David and he looked away, his cheeks burned and Amauris jumped up and down
“Prophecy, Prophecy!” She sounded like a school girl, David smiled at her and she almost toppled over in excitement. He looked back at Isis to see that she and Ra were in deep conversation. They were finished quickly and she looked at him a flicker in her eye of longing, he stared into her eyes, reading her past like a story. Somewhere Amauris and Ra were saying
“She has allowed that… He knows her past!” Ra said, his voice was deep and Kind. David was chased by bullies who people called Tom and Jack, Isis’s mom was retelling her story of Isis’s past, then the prophecy From Ra. It was so similar, was this it?
Then he woke up from the flood of memories, Amauris nuzzled him and asked
“Rider are you well? You’re on the floor! What did you see?” David didn’t answer and instead looked around and noticed he was lying askew on the floor with Isis looking at him with worry. He gave an awkward smile to let them know he was fine; Isis got up and backed away to the mighty, purple dragon behind her. Amauris helped him get up with a gentle push of her snout on his back, he looked at Amauris for help and she asked
“Is there others Ra?” Ra seemed to shrug his mighty shoulders and said
“I do not know…” David said aloud bravely
“There must be. Why are we here anyway? Why are we riders?” Isis looked at Ra as if asking permission to tell a secret and replied
“We have a mission… According to Ra! He said the dragon world is in danger and we must stop such things from happening.” Ra nodded and Amauris looked at them both, starting to jump up and down excitedly. David understood and stated
“Lets go, Amauris says there must be others! For she feels it so!” Isis smiled, David’s stomach jumped up and down and it felt like there were butterfly’s in it. He nervously walked over to Amauris and climbed up her leg, she felt his emotions and simply said
“Tell her!” David sighed, how could it be so easy? He didn’t even know her. Instead of thinking such things he pushed them away and thought of other dragons that the 4 companions would meet what would the other riders be like… He had to wait and see.

Somewhere a vast Dark magic awoke and whispered “It… Is… Time!”

Fire, Ice, King’s & Queen’s

They soared over the ocean, Amauris had teleported them there. Isis had never seen such a vast body of water; even on TV it looked so small. But now she was actually touching the surface of the ocean, looking at the amazing fish, watching dolphins jump out of the water and diving back in. She watched in awe at the beauty of it, then saw David who didn’t seem so bothered about the amazing views she asked Ra
“Why does he not react like me to this amazing view?” Ra replied
“He has probably seen it before Isis! As I have!” Isis looked at David once more then back at Ra and said
“What is a shifter? What does it do?” Ra smiled and started to send her images of a person slowly turning into a wolf then a snake, finally a bird. He said
“The people of the shifter realm, which is you, Can transform into any creature or Object.” Isis looked at Ra and asked another question
“How?” Isis felt a wave of confusion go over Ra and nodded “Who does?” Ra said solemnly
“A creature of great knowledge! The one we are seeking now!” Isis nodded and looked at David again, she felt a wave of different emotions go over her and asked Ra
“Why do I feel this?” Ra gave a chuckle and continued to fly with no answer; Isis shrugged and said “Fine…” She looked at a Dolphin jumping out of the water and pictured it in her mind, hoping this would change her she opened her eyes to no avail she sighed and touched the dolphin gently. A sudden jerk in her body slowed Ra down; he turned his head to see her
“What is it?” She said shakily
“I-I-I touched t-the dolphin and… I jerked! I felt a sudden rush of power…” Ra looked at the dolphin jumping away oblivious to what it had done, Isis smiled and said “Lets get going!” Ra Continued unsure if he should but did so nevertheless. David seemed to be watching her closely so she whispered to Ra “What do you think he is watching me for?” Ra snorted in amusement and simply said
“Why do you think?” Isis looked at him, and thought to herself “Why must he speak in riddles?!” Ra chuckled and Isis realised he could hear every word.

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