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 New Suggestion (Could be the last message on this forum ;D)

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PostSubject: New Suggestion (Could be the last message on this forum ;D)   Thu Jun 11, 2009 3:35 pm

Yep, I noticed that this website is dead. If you didn't read my news anyway.
I am going to suggest that Toni should close the website or try to make it more active by advertising more or something ;D I can't advertise cause I don't talke to many other people other than Toni and a few other people who can't be bothered to join xD

So yeah! My suggestion: Close the website OR Try to advertise it or make it more known by telling as many people as you can Very Happy

EDIT: Being one of the ONLY active members of the site, I'm going to see if I can become an Admin ;D Even though Toni said she was gonna make me an admin when this site was made :[
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New Suggestion (Could be the last message on this forum ;D)
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